Amina Sato, I miss you


With my playlist playing everything in random in my library, after hearing CANDY, Tsundere!, and a few more; I miss Amina and her adorable voice. 
She wasn’t very successful in AKB, even when she was, she was not noticed much, but she is and always will be one of my inspirations. Even when she was always pushed further and further back, she kept giving her all. 

That’s my feeling…

And I hope i can hear something about her now….T^T~


Kondo Rina’s 755 Translations

Riichan: Hello-! *heart*
Q: Kondo-san is my oshimen but is it true that I have to change my [755] icon to you?A: Yup!
Q: I can’t get a girlfriend but what can I do to get one?A: You have no hope…
Q: Riichan, I’m a deerA: Finally I’m able to converse with deers…
Q: Riisan please handshake with meA: 1000 yen per go on charaani
Q: I bet you’ve been confessed to before!A: Yup!
Q: Have you ever dated anyone? Since you’re 17 and all.A: Yup!
Q: I recently bought ten handshake tickets for you but is that not enough? *laughs*A: That’s not enough…
Q: Are you allowed to say stuff like you’ve dated people in the past?A: Why should I lie about it!
Q: Maybe you should have kept that a secret?A: It’s totally okay
Q: There’s no verification mark next to your name… I bet you’re a fake!A: Whoops was I found out
Q: You’re tiny!A: I’ll beat you!
Q: Didn’t you say you were a virgin before?A: Yup!
Q: Have you even been to a goukon?A: As if
Q: I’m sorry I asked about your love life. I’m going to be beaten by your wotaA: I’ll be beaten along with you as well…
Riichan: Has there been a thread about this [on 2ch] yet?
Q: Yes. 【Sad News】Kondo Rina isn’t a virgin *link* A: This is hilarious


i want to be there
Sato Amina to be the voice actor for a new 3DS game


For the new 3DS game Dolly  Kanon, Sato Amina will be playing one of the character’s (Remy) voice.

The game is an adaption of the manga of the same nameDolly  Kanon had also been released as a live-action drama late last year.

Dolly  Kanon is about a heartthrob being cross-dressed by his girlfriend into a net idol. 

Amina plays the role of Remy, an artiste known nationwide :)

So glad that she’s got quite a break!



TvT my heart